The Three R’s: Reading, Writing, and Rocking!

Jon-Paul Kreatsoulas

Flyer by Aaron Leiva


On Friday, December 7th at 9 pm, Northeastern Illinois University’s (NEIU) English department will be holding a benefit presented by its own English Honors Society, as well as the Werd Nerds, a renegade group of English majors. Festivities will be held at The Horseshoe, 4115 N. Lincoln Ave.
With a suggested five dollar donation at the door, the prime directive behind this event is to raise money for English department funding. Accompanying the suggested donation, attendees get the ambience of a wooden floor bar, live entertainment, and of course, an opportunity to sneak a peek at the food and drink selection, as this hole in the wall is self proclaimed to have the best Texas style BBQ in Chicago.
NEIU’s English students Aaron Leiva, Mimi Cross, and the one who goes by “Rhyme Emanuel,” will perform pieces of music, as well as spoken word and poetry. Staff members of the department, Professor Larry Dean and Dr. Timothy Duggan, will also be performing, along with several others.
This event is a great opportunity to get involved with the English department and all that it has to offer, with tastes for liberal arts as well as education. It’s a bit less exhausting than those hungry eyes that stare people down behind the bake sale table (although we all appreciate the effort despite our hurried steps) in the Village Square on campus. It allows anyone to kick back, crack open a brew, and enjoy the comfort of friends as another semester comes to a close.