Black Caucus Presents: Black Love Matters

Janiah(left) and Maryam(right) dancing to the Cupid Shuffle played by DJ Campaign Camo
Janiah(left) and Maryam(right) dancing to the Cupid Shuffle played by DJ Campaign Camo
Zachariah Simmons

February is Black History Month and events are happening all across campus at NEIU all month long to celebrate. One such event, organized and put on by the NEIU Black Caucus, was the Black Love Matters event that took place at NEIU’s P.E Complex on Feb 16, 2024.

Left to right: Maryam Shammari,Janiah Cousett (Zachariah Simmons)

With red, black, and sparkle-filled balloons adorning the basketball court, an adorably curated photo booth, and DJ Campaign Camo playing some great tracks, the vibes were right for a night of enjoyment. Not to mention, possibly the biggest win of the evening was the food the Black Caucus had catered: Chipotle. 

Under the darkened lights of the basketball gym and the well-curated playlist from Campaign Camo, a few NEIU students danced, a few took pictures at the photo op, and many relished in the delicious free food. It was a welcomed, relaxing event after a week of classes, and the stress of Valentine’s Day celebration.

DJ Campaign Camo (Zachariah Simmons)

Students Janiah Cousett and Maryam Shammari were kind enough to operate the event, assuring everyone was fed. The space was properly decorated and even got out on the dance floor themselves for the Cupid Shuffle. Though this wasn’t the most lively event, it provided a place for students to unwind, socialize, and scoop a free meal – something we can all always appreciate at the culmination of a busy week. 

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Check your NEIU email to keep up with the rest of the Black History Month events around campus and get out to them whenever possible, they’re a delight! Also, be sure to follow NEIU Black Caucus on Instagram to stay up to date on what they have going on. This is a personal recommendation, but throw Campaign Camo a follow as well, he was genuinely killing it all night long.

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