Lisa Frankenstein: An Undead Heartfelt Comedy

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Illustration Credit
Abigail Heggem

What do you get when you combine the movies — “The Corpse Bride”, “Pretty in Pink” and “The Evil Dead”? You get “Lisa Frankenstein”! This movie is directed by Zelda Williams as her directorial debut.

Lisa Frankenstein” is a romantic horror comedy starring Kathryn Newton as teenage outcast Lisa Swallows who is trying to deal with her mother’s passing as she navigates high school. Alongside is her step-sister Taffy played by Filipino actress, Liza Soberano, as she makes her American cinema debut. 

One fateful night, Lisa decides to resurrect the corpse of a Victorian boy played by Cole Sprouse. Once she resurrects him, things seem shaky between the two of them until The Creature and Lisa start to realize that their connection might mean something more.

Even though critics have mixed opinions about this movie, I must say, this movie does a good job not only paying tribute to the slasher films of the 80’s but also including period-appropriate songs like REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling.” 

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While the aesthetic, costumes, and soundtrack were great, I first and foremost want to praise Kathryn Newton’s performance as Lisa Swallows. Her character starts awkward, alone, and not knowing where she belongs in her community, but over time, she believably, becomes a confident girl who falls in love with an undead zombie. 

Cole Sprouse also gives a solid performance as The Creature. He starts not getting along with Lisa Swallows, wrecking everything in his way. But he evolves into a protective and devoted figure to his one true love, no matter the cost. 

The final acting performance I want to give flowers to is Liza Soberano. Not only did she embody the step-sister Taffy as something other than your stereotypical Valley Girl cheerleader, but deep down you could feel that she cared about Lisa, even looking out for her at times, which is what made Kathryn Newton and Liza Soberano’s chemistry so great. Overall, if you are looking for a movie with great female leads and a spirit of 1980s slasher movies, “Lisa Frankenstein” might just be for you!

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