Peeling Hour By Olly Greer, Made of old wallpaper, ceramic, decals, and 3-4 kiln firings.
“Peeling Hour” By Olly Greer, Made of old wallpaper, ceramic, decals, and 3-4 kiln firings.
Ryland Roberts

Olly Greer’s “Tranifestations”

    “Every time we morph, shift, glitch, puddle, and make a mess of this binary bleakness, we come home. Home to our vessel—our skin sack— as we honor our nearest ancestor, the person we were yesterday. As we peel back layers of wallpaper from our beating hearts… this is our act of making and remaking, of shedding, of molting, of resisting. Many trans people mourn and celebrate each change, each choice, each moment of defining. Light a candle, make a wish, burn it down. Shake your bones in joy & grief.”

    Olly Greer, a NEIU alumnus, wrote for their art exhibition named “Tranifestations”  in the NEIU Fine Arts gallery last month.

    Olly Greer, Tranifestations artist (Ryland Roberts)

    Olly’s sculptures captivate that nostalgia factor which is seen with some of the sculptures of vintage items, such as the old children’s chairs or the melted birthday candles. Transfestations seems to be a branch of another exhibition called “Transbirthday(s) that was featured at High Cross Art Gallery in Urbana, Illinois.

    Greer interacting with Gallery Guests (Ryland Roberts)

    As the Independent had talked to gallery guests, what was heard was stories of transgender perseverance. The stories detailed the difficulty of being yourself in a small town that will filter you out if you don’t fit their mold.

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