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Priorities and Progress: Assessing NEIU’s Physical Education Complex Upgrades

NEIU’s Physical Education Complex, home of Campus Recreation, has witnessed numerous improvements over the past semester. However, the lingering question on the mind of many students, staff and community members is the status of the swimming pool.

While various projects have been initiated to enhance the facilities, such as new pavement for the sidewalks and renovated drinking fountains, the pool has remained a touchy subject, often overlooked. This allocation of funds and resources to other areas demonstrates a lack of effort dedicated to addressing this particular issue, which is unfortunate for those who fondly recall the times when the pool was open.

The Campus Recreation office frequently receives calls from community members lamenting the past, such as programs like Neptune, which taught many children from the community how to swim. The Neptune sign at the equipment desk serves as a nostalgic reminder of those cherished moments.

Undeniably, NEIU requires several significant improvements, and it is evident that the pool is not currently at the top of the priority list, with smaller improvements taking precedence. However, this should not be solely viewed as a negative aspect.

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Fixing the pool completely would necessitate Campus Recreation implementing a new policy, which it is not presently prepared to undertake, nor does it have any immediate plans to do so. For instance, if the pool were to reopen, Campus Recreation would need to hire a student staff and a new aquatics coordinator to ensure its smooth operation. However, this is currently unfeasible as the existing student staff members already have limited resources available to maintain the current facilities and keep them fully operational. 

Furthermore, there are other pressing maintenance issues that demand attention. During the last semester, several machines responsible for lowering and raising the basketball hoops in the main gym ceased to function. Given their importance in maintaining Campus Recreation’s popular attraction, these repairs were prioritized.

Campus Recreation frequently collaborates with external programs like the Over The Edge Hoops, a basketball program, which extensively utilize our facilities for their practices. Unfortunately, our ability to provide adequate facilities for these activities is currently hindered by the lackluster state of this remarkable building.

Overall, it is crucial to acknowledge that NEIU’s Physical Education Complex necessitates several significant improvements. While the pool may not be the immediate focus, it is important to consider the logistical challenges and resource limitations involved in its complete restoration.

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