Student Artwork from a Diverse Range of Media Showcased at Artstravaganza Event

Ananth Prabhu, Health & Sports Editor

The Art Department of NEIU hosted Artstravaganza on April 21, 2023, an event showcasing a wide range of art media. The event featured paintings, sculptures, photography, printmaking, drawings, installation art and digital art. The students of the department presented their art pieces to the public, while tours of all the art laboratories were conducted on a walk-in basis.


Visitors were able to view the kilns used for firing ceramics and demonstrations of printmaking. Comparisons and formal critiques of the artwork in the art studios were also discussed. Meeting the artists behind the artwork was one of the most intriguing aspects of the art show.


Erick Howenstine, a former faculty member in Geography and Environmental Studies and current ceramics student, praised the Art Department, calling it “a wonderful studio, a really great place to work, and Dubhe is an excellent faculty member.” Howenstine referred to Dubhe Carreño, one of the Ceramics instructors for the Art Department. 


Howenstine expressed his enjoyment of the challenge of creating new shapes and techniques and recommended the Art Department to both art and non-art majors. He also shared that his experience with clay, ceramics and the potter’s wheel had pushed him to try new things, despite experiencing artist’s block and combating it by finding new inspiration.


Carreño advised aspiring artists and students to continue to create and find inspiration everywhere. According to Carreño, the key to success is to find one’s voice in a particular industry and be creative and innovative in making something unique. She emphasized the importance of having interdisciplinary connections and gaining access to resources to enrich students’ artwork. 


Carreño also acknowledged the diverse individuals in the Art Department who bring many talents and trades to the table, including those with non-art related jobs. She commended the NEIU community for their support and congratulated the students on their efforts to be a part of the Art Department.