NEIU Campus Recreation Sparks a Bright Future for Intramural Sports


Josh Lasko, Writer

NEIU’s Campus Recreation has a very dedicated, passionate and competitive basketball community. It is not hard to find when someone is playing one of the world’s most beloved sports at the time the facility is open. Campus Recreation held a 5v5 intramural basketball season that featured four action-packed games. The intramural sports program features NEIU students creating teams and participating in officiated games against each other. 

It gives students the opportunity to meet others that have an interest in particular sports. The season’s final game on March 10th had an exciting conclusion, and it greatly demonstrated the future of intramural sports that Campus Recreation has to offer. The gold team pulled away over the blue team with the victorious score of 61-54 in a nail-biting finish.

Campus recreation plans on organizing other sporting events in the near future. These plans include a 4v4 soccer tournament on March 29th, a 3v3 basketball tournament on April 7th and a kickball event on April 21st. 

Campus Recreation plans on growing its community and providing more activities for students and community members to enjoy. After the successful basketball season, it is likely that other intramural sports can be organized provided there is a community that would participate. 

Campus Recreation is open to accommodate student communities while considering student requests for new activities.

In addition, the facilities have never been higher quality due to the excellent employees and the copious amounts of new activities, classes and events they host. The facility coordinator, Chriz Cordero, stated that the single greatest improvement from last year was “…our new foundation that was created through motivation, dedication and hard work [has] reinvigorated the life of the staff and community.” 

Moreover, Cordero declared that the newfound mission and vision have “sparked a fire” of a bright future for NEIU Campus Recreation. Please feel free to join the fun because warmer weather only yields more opportunities for the facility and the student body to synchronize together.

Photos provided by David Sok