BREAKING: Board of Trustees will Not Renew President’s Contract in June, 2023

Dan Maurer, News Editor

As of Nov 30, The NEIU Board of Trustees announced that they will not be renewing President Gloria J. Gibson’s Presidential Employment Contract when it expires on June 30, 2023. The Chair of the Board, Jim Palos, said in a Targeted Announcement that “The Board expects President Gibson to continue in her position as President… until her employment

agreement ends in accordance with its terms.” The Board expects there to be a national search for a new president, beginning in 2023.


This development comes after the Faculty Assembly delivered a vote of no-confidence in the President (224-29) on Nov 14. The Faculty Assembly is currently holding a vote of confidence in the Board of Trustees. Ballots are currently open for Faculty members and will close on Dec 5. Both votes are symbolic, but a vote of no confidence in the Board could bring NEIU’s financial and enrollment crisis to the attention of the Illinois Governor’s office, as the Board of Trustees is appointed by the Governor.