Letter to the Editor by Shirley Garcia


To the Editor:

I am a student currently attending Northeastern Illinois University and I want to bring to your attention the crucial issue of neighborhood poverty. Neighborhood poverty is a serious matter that consists of several factors such as lack of resources, low-paying jobs, insufficient education, and mental instability. Neighborhood poverty not only affects adults but impacts a children’s ability to grow and under circumstances as such growth is often preventable. This matter is important to me and the rest of the community because neighborhood poverty prevents families from finding the necessary resources they need to improve their economic and financial standpoint. Poverty is hurtful because it jeopardizes freedom, putting food on the table for families is a must and often it is complicated to do so, and poverty enables families to make ends meet. Poor families constantly stress over things that are further away from their control such as easily changing their economic standpoint or maintaining an optimistic view for their future. Poor families do not have the freedom, time, or peace of mind to enjoy leisure time or enjoy other things society does have access to, their priority is to make ends meet and to get food day by day for their families. I want to stress the impact that neighborhood poverty has on families and the community. I think it is crucial that everyone advocates for families that are less fortunate or privileged than we are. As a community, we should find solutions and or alternatives to provide available resources to poor families in the neighborhood such as food, better education, books, adult education courses, etc. to improve the social-economic stand of families in need. Please spread the importance to help advocate for progression for neighborhood poverty and help families grow.

Shirley Garcia.