Man on the Street

What classes would you like to see NEIU offer in the future?

“I don’t know. Maybe sound engineering?” – Brian Buck, Senior – Math

Brian Buck

“I never thought about that before. Really, they have all the classes I need. I guess I could say nursing classes. That would be nice.” – Jacob Carruthers, Senior – Inner City Studies

Jacob Carruthers

“The ones I think of are already here.” – Zaya Lkhavaa, Junior – Finance

Zaya Lkhavaa

“I am a Criminal Justice major, so I’d like to see some Criminal Justice classes, not only Justice Studies classes. I think that Justice Studies doesn’t apply the same way as Criminal Justice, because for the most part they talk about people as a whole and I’d like to learn more about criminal justice.” – Adan Torres, Senior – Criminal Justice

Adan Torres

“More higher education classes for sure, for everyone. I think it’s important that the way higher education classes are developing, the way universities run and work, I don’t see why we couldn’t have something on that.” – Sherilyn Maddex, English – Senior