This Means Guild Wars 2

Christos Liardakis, Assistant Opinions Editor


image by ARENA NET

As we begin our new semester ArenaNet has officially launched Guild Wars 2 on August 28, 2012. An MMORPG (Mostly Multi-player Online RPG) based of the original guild wars game, there are lots of expectations and after participating in the Beta, it is safe to say this game will not disappoint.

Guild Wars 2still takes place in the fantasy world of Tyria, 250 years after the original Guild Wars game. After the defeat of the Great Destroyer in the original game, the awakening of five elder dragons wreak havoc on mankind and all the other races featured in Guild Wars Prophecies, and in its expansion Eye of the North. Guild Wars 2 also features a new race, the Sylvari, which has emerged 25 years after the elder dragons started to awaken. With 250 years gone by since the original game, even when you are in familiar places, they all look vastly different, with improved technology, new apparel and all the races using a global language; the Guild Wars 2 setting is almost unrecognizable from the original.

Along with a new setting, ArenaNet has vastly modified the game. The gaming engine has been updated with advanced real-time 3D environments, enhanced graphics and animation and the new Havok physics system allowing for more realistic interactions between players and the environment. The uniquely low level cap of 20 isn’t there anymore either, replaced with a level 80 level cap ArenaNet has made sure there is much more to do than ever before. When playing, you can gain experience from crafting, quests and even something as simple as exploring the area where you are located so suddenly a level 80 cap does not seem so unreasonable.

All these changes come with a highly simplified combat system where gamers will only rely on their weapon for their first 5 combat abilities, with the six key being reserved for healing, 7- 9 reserved for skills that are unlocked as you progress in the game, and 0 being reserved for elite skills that you can unlock after level 30, the complex and overabundant skill system of the original Guild Wars has now been replaced with a simplified development system that emphasizes quality over quantity. As simplified as it sounds there is also a “combination” system added into the game adding much more complexity than previously experienced in other games. Also, there is no “kill stealing” famously found in other MMOs. As a matter of fact in most cases, random helpers are welcome. Everyone is going to get their fair share of experience or reward if some random hulking behemoth spawns in the middle of a map. No one gets a “bonus” for finding it first. As a matter of fact, with the new combination system it is almost expected of large groups to come together to take down such challenges.

With new graphics, a new combat system, and a new story; Guild Wars 2 is definitely a game to consider for all the gamers out there looking for something to distract them as school starts when they need some rest and relaxation. A lot of people will also find Guild Wars 2 to be very friendly to new gamers as well. There is no need for macros and even the well-known tedious experience of crafting is smoothed out into a more fun and enjoyable experience. There were a lot of expectations of Guild Wars 2 and it has delivered in every aspect. Best of all, even with all the improvements and changes to the old system, it is still free to play once you buy it.