BP Gas Contamination More Widespread

Emily Haddad, Editor-in-Chief

By the Associated Press

BP gas contamination affects NEIU area gas stations.
Photo by Emilly Haddad

Illinois drivers whose cars have fallen victim to contaminated BP gas the week of Aug. 13–17, 2012, are now joined by drivers from Indiana and Ohio. BP says the size of its gasoline recall is now more than twice as large as previously reported, at 4.7 million gallons distributed as far as southwestern Ohio and southern Indiana.
BP spokesman Scott Dean said Wednesday the gasoline was distributed from terminals in Whiting, Indianapolis and suburban Chicago and suburban Milwaukee. One tanker went to a station in Camden, Ohio, about 15 miles southeast of Richmond. New research shows the gasoline refined in Whiting also reached stations as far south as Bloomington and Columbus. Dean previously had said the gas was distributed only in northwestern Indiana and the Chicago and Milwaukee areas.
Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) students should be aware that several stations located around campus were flagged as having distributed contaminated gas. Exact locations that may have been contaminated can be checked using an interactive tool made by BP to track the distribution at http://bpresponse.com /go/doc/5207/1525963. According to BP, drivers who recently visited these local area stations are urged to watch for car issues such as hard starting, rough idling, stalling, or other drivability issues.
According to the Chicago Tribune, fuel line flushes and other repairs related to the contaminated gas range from $300-$1200 in the Chicago area. Dean says BP has begun processing nearly 10,000 claims from customers whose vehicles were affected, mostly in Indiana and Illinois. To facilitate the speedy dispersal of repair reimbursements, BP has 150 claim adjustment representatives available to process information and is accepting multiple forms of receipts documenting repairs. Customers affected by contaminated gas can call BP’s hotline at (800) 599-9040 or submit a claim sheet at http://bpresponse.com.