Sons of Mary Rocks It Out!

Lluvia Carrisoza, Visual Media Editor



Photos by NEIU

Sons of Mary is a local band led by NEIU student Donald Moreland and his brother Dallas. The band was named after their mother, Mary Moreland, and the brothers have pledged to bring good music for a good price to the masses. Sons of Mary has played venues around the greater Chicagoland area for several years now, and recently played to a packed crowd at the House of Blues on March 29, 2012. They graced the NEIU NestFest event on April 14, 2012, contributing their music styling, which are described as an eclectic mix of hip-hop, jazz, soul and funk. Sons of Mary played original songs as well as innovative covers of current popular hits.

Front man Donald Moreland swaggered onto stage wearing a Vikings football helmet, while his brother, drummer Dallas Moreland, surprised the audience by wearing what looked like a cheerleader’s uniform. The first song they performed was a cover of “Can’t Stop” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, sung by Dallas Moreland, with special guest appearance of lyricist R-dub. The second song was a cover of Bruno Mars’ “I Wanna Be a Millionaire” featuring R-dub’s free style rap. They kept the crowd going with originals songs such as “Erase My Heart” and their signature composition, “Calling Me Home.”

Band members threw shirts and CDs to the crowd, took over the entire stage, and had everyone’s feet moving. They really stole the show with their energetic performance.

For more information on Sons of Mary, or to listen to their music go to their Facebook page: