Man on the Street

“What would you do if you won $218 Million?”

Juan Manuel Gonzalez, Contributing Writer


The recent Mega Millions lottery craze had big dreams and dollar signs on the minds of thousands of people across the nation. The Illinois winners finally came forward to claim their $218 million share of the big jackpot on April 18, but for almost three weeks the winning couple, Merle and Patricia Butler, kept quiet about their big windfall. So the NEIU Independent asks “What would you do if you won $218 Million?”

“I’d hire a group of attorneys, and then another group to oversee those attorneys. I’d then donate a million to NEIU, at which point I would change the name of the Golden Eagles Nest to the Bianca Bello’s Nest, I would then have a Harold’s Chicken installed. In all seriousness, I would pay the federal and state taxes before I spend a dime, and then I would buy stuff for my friends and family.”

Bianca Bello

Bianca Bello, Political Science Major, Junior

“I would want to send the money to India to help unwed, pregnant Indian women so that they could keep their babies and not have to put them up for adoption.”

Prema Malhotra

Prema Malhotra, Justice Studies Major, Senior

“I would leave the country [and] go MIA from everyone. I would send donations to all the organizations I want to fund. Then I would travel and explore the whole world, and eventually buy a condo in New York, and live there forever.”

Hector Escarpita

Hector Escarpita, History Major, Junior

“I would pay for my college, buy a house, [and] a new wardrobe, and I’d save the rest.”

Angie Starr

Angie Starr, Art Major, Freshman

“I would donate a million to the Epilepsy Foundation, two million to GLISTEN, and invest half of it. I would then buy a house, a car, and with the rest that I don’t save… I would travel to Africa, and live there for some time while helping the surrounding community as much as I can.”

Cecilia Perez

Cecilia Perez, Communications Major, Freshman