Letters to the Community Part 2

Roger That wit Mo Information


Roger That wit Mo Information, is a new Student Union Podcast Series, hosted by Roger Byrd and Mo Partowie. It is a live podcast that is regularly scheduled on Tuesdays from 11am to 1pm. The podcast features music and topics requested by the NEIU student body throughout the show. It is hosted in the Golden Eagles Cafeteria, Village Square and the University Commons, located right outside of the Student Union. It promotes any and all organizations through its ‘Events Shout Out’ lists and encourages clubs and organizations to take advantage of it.

Byrd and Partowie showcase a “student spotlight” segment, where they interview a student on any topic of their choice. Coming this Tuesday, April 10, they are launching their “Social Justice” and the “Retire Slang Word of the Week” segments. Their objective is to create a positive and spirited environment of entertainment and casual debate through the power of social-conscience media.

They are proud to serve the NEIU community in any way, and hope to continue as the number one podcast-station at NEIU!

Add them on Facebook at Rogerthat Moinfo and follow them on Twitter at RogerthatwitMoinfo.