President’s Pen

L.I.P. Latinas In Power

Ladies of L.I.P. co-sponsored the 2011 Take Back the Night at NEIU.

Sandra E. Gonzalez
Age: 23
Year: Senior
Major: Social Work
Position: President

L.I.P has been an amazing outlet for me. It has taught me many different skills and has helped me build professional character. I believe that this organization is one that many women can benefit from. L.I.P has helped me find a connection with my roots and has taught me how to embrace who I am and my heritage. L.I.P has been a motivator and a reinforcement that I, as a Latina Woman, shouldn’t settle for less. The stories and topics that this organization covers are inspirational to me. Being in this organization has opened doors for me and has been incredibly beneficial. We pride ourselves in being a collective organization, with everyone’s thoughts, ideas, and creativity contributing to our success. We have been able to succeed as an organization and see ourselves grow. Nonetheless, L.I.P will continue to strive for excellence and we hope to have many more successful semesters in the future.

Name: Kimberly Arabu
Age: 21
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Minor: Women’s Studies
Position: Vice President

Latinas In Power means everything to me. From what we believe in, to the strength we have as women in this organization. Before L.I.P. existed, I was very shy and would not speak up. I knew I needed something that was going to help me succeed in my college career. When Stephanie Gomez came to me with her idea about forming a group for empowering and educating Latinas, I was right on board and I thought to myself that this is exactly what NEIU needs because there was nothing on campus like this. I also knew that this was exactly what I personally was looking for. With hard work and dedication, L.I.P has blossomed and has shown NEIU that this is an organization that will forever grow. We support each other, help one another, and are there for every last one of our members. We have a strong foundation of friendship that brings us together and helps us get work done. This is really a true sisterhood of women – that in itself is very hard to find. Also, since education is the key to the future, we strive for excellence in academics, trying to raise the retention rate one Latina at a time. Community is important as well, we will continue to stay humble and know where our roots came from. Another thing that I love about L.I.P. is the diversity in the group. Learning from one another is a great tool, and L.I.P encourages us to share in each other’s culture. Through interactions with L.I.P. I learned that I am a feminist, a leader, and an ambitious woman. L.I.P. has given me the chance to really find myself, my strengths and what I need to improve on. I feel as though L.I.P helped me attain true womanhood. I thank L.I.P. for giving me unconditional love and support. I wear L.I.P’s signature red beret with pride. I believe that L.I.P. will continue to provide a platform for every woman that wants to succeed in life.


Isamarie Schiffin
Age: 21
Year: Junior
Major: Social Work
Position: Secretary

Latinas In Power is an organization that has impacted me in a positive way and I wouldn’t give it up for the world! It has taught me that my education is very important and I should cherish every moment of it. As Latinas, we should set our sights and expectations high when it comes to our grades. It has helped me with my communication skills and with organizing my life. I have built an amazing bond with other Latinas that have faced difficult challenges; with each other’s support we know we can get through anything. Most importantly, L.I.P has taught me to embrace my Latino heritage. L.I.P means the world to me because I am training to become a responsible, successful person and I believe the experiences I have with L.I.P will prepare me for the real world. It has made my college experience so much better to know that I have a group of sisters that will be there for each other through thick and thin. Latinas In Power will keep helping Latinas feel empowered, because that’s what we do best. It will remain engraved in my heart forever!

Name: Zio Gil
Age: 21
Year: Senior
Major: Sociology
Minor: Psychology
Position: Treasurer

As a transfer student from Harper Community College, I did not know anyone on campus. As a result, I started looking for an opportunity to get involved. Little did I know, I would meet a group of women who would encourage me to do more, be more, and give more of myself for a greater purpose. L.I.P has given me the opportunity to develop my networks and to be more active on campus, which ultimately has allowed me to feel a greater connection to the university. L.I.P is more than just an organization that meets once a week; it has served as a support system not just in my academic endeavors, but also in my personal life. I have become more conscious about my identity and the responsibility I have to carry myself with dignity. It has also made me aware of the fact that I do not just represent myself or L.I.P, but Latinas everywhere. More than anything, I have been inspired to empower other young Latinas just as I have been empowered.

How to join: Every semester during the Organization Fair we are looking for women that have a passion for their Latina roots, culture and history. In addition to that, we host a meet and greet. If you are interested in joining, please contact Sandra E. Gonzalez at [email protected] for more information.



Upcoming Events:


Kuumba Lynx

Feb. 29


NEIU Recital Hall

$3.00 tickets in advance $5.00 at the door

(All proceeds will be donated toKuumba Lynx)


Nuestros Labios

March 9


El Centro Campus



Vagina Monologues

March 30


El Centro Campus

$5.00 (All proceeds will be donated to Porchlight Counseling Services)


By The Ladies of Latinas in Power