The Independent’s top 10 NFL logos

The Independent’s top 10 NFL logos

Rachel Willard, Arts & Life Editor

10) Houston Texans

Houston Texans

Securing the 10th spot for best NFL logo are the Houston Texans. Since the Texans’ NFL debut in 2002, they have kept their trademark patriotic red, white and blue bullhead as their logo. This bull sports a single white star for an eye, capturing the essence of the lone star state.




9) Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings

The NFC North contending Minnesota Vikings feature a menacing, mustached viking as their logo. Minnesota’s logo stands out thanks to the viking’s rugged facial expression coupled with a bold helmet decorated with horns and a pleasing complementary purple accent band. With acknowledgment to the minor alterations the logo underwent in 2013, this logo has been the Vikings’ logo since 1966.





8) Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles sport a screeching eagle in descent as their logo, securing them the 8th slot in our rankings. The Eagles’ logo has undergone many changes throughout the team’s history, but in 1996 the current rendition of the logo was introduced and has since been an appealing success with fans. 





7) Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos sport a bold, wild bronco with an orange mane and a piercing orange eye. A bronco is a wild horse, characterized by its speed, strength and tendency to unpredictably kick and buck at those it perceives to be a threat. This logo capitalizes on the untamed reputation of wild horses to paint an intimidating picture of the Denver Broncos as a team of equally intimidating wild animals on the field.




6) Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams’ logo underwent a color change during their transition from St. Louis back to Los Angeles. The gold was swapped out for white, giving the logo a cleaner, simplified look. This thick-skulled ram looks ready to conquer any opponent, climb any mountain in its way and win any battle.




5) Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins take the No. 5 slot for best NFL logo with their colorful, enticing design. This logo evokes imagery of beaches and a hot Florida day with its vibrant, brightly-colored dolphin and sun. The Dolphins’ logo received a revamp in 2013 when the dolphin was redesigned to appear more realistic. The changes helped enhance the logo’s appeal, providing a modernized design from an aesthetic perspective.




4) Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Coming in at No. 4 are the Seattle Seahawks, who exhibit an intimidating hawk head as their team logo. The bright green eye stands out in stark contrast from the navy and silver outline, affording it more character. This logo is a modern version of their original logo which was inspired by a Pacific Northwest Coast Native American mask.



3) Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars

Operating in contrast to their substandard win-loss record, the Jaguars’ logo is a ferociously epic visual representation of a historically toothless franchise. The large feline featured on the Jaguars’ logo is clean, fierce and also a major upgrade from the previous design that the team sported from 1995-2012. The changes to the logo made the jaguar more realistic and engaging, as no one can ignore one of the top predators when they snarl. The teal accents on the jaguar’s tongue, eyes and nose, once again complementary colors, offer subtle details that help elevate the logo to the No. 3 spot.



2) New England Patriots

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots, a dynasty and a definitive powerhouse in the NFL, take the No. 2 spot in our logo rankings. New England’s logo features the silver, stoic face of a patriot with a navy hat, red stripes and a white star. The red, white and blue logo is both fitting for New England and inherently associated with greatness.




  1. Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers.
Panthers logo 2012-Present

Carolina Panthers. Panthers logo 1995-2011

As an expert hunter who disguises itself in the darkness as it stalks and kills its prey, the black panther is the ultimate predator. The Carolina Panthers’ logo depicts a large panther, accentuated with bright blue details and outlining to make it the logo stand out. The Panthers have used their current rendition of this logo since 1995, only updating it once in 2012, when designers gave the logo a streamlined, more modern look. The Panthers grab the No. 1 spot with their snarling, fierce panther, which looks ready to hunt down opponents in the night.