07/23 Police blotter


The following Incidents occurred on NEIU campus property for the dates of May 22 to July 18.

05/22 – NEIU

NEIU PD assisted outside agency regarding social media posts by possible former student.

05/24 – Fine Arts Building

Unknown offender wrote graffiti on the classroom whiteboard. Facilities cleaned it up.

05/27 – The Nest

Officers and fire department responded to a call from a student who was stuck inside the elevator. Student refused emergency medical service after he was freed.

05/31 – Student Union

Officers responded to reports of subjects throwing chairs. Subjects were gone when officers arrived.

06/01 – Student Union

During patrol, officers conducted sweep of building after finding a door ajar. Subject was located and issued a trespass warning then escorted off campus.

06/03 – COBM

Officers and engineers responded to call of people stuck in office unable to open door due to lock being jammed. Everyone was freed without incident.

06/04 – CCICS

Subject attending alternative school program was escorted out after mumbling and talking to self. Subject was not deemed a threat.

06/06 – E-Building

While on routine patrol, officers encountered subject sleeping. He did not have 24 hour authorization. Officers transported him home.

06/08 – Student Union

During routine patrol of locked buildings, officers encountered a subject and issued a stop card. The subject was escorted off building.

06/10 – Bernard Brommel Hall

Building evacuated due to fire alarm. Dust in smoke detector may have set off alarm. Fire department reset alarm.

06/12 – Library

Unknown offender etched graffiti onto elevator wall. Facilities was notified for clean up.

06/12 – Fine Arts Building

Building evacuated for fire alarm. No sign of smoke or fire. Panel shows fire alarm pulled on first floor by an unknown person. Fire department reset alarm.

06/15 – Fine Arts Building

Unknown offender pulled fire alarm. No sign of smoke or fire. Engineers and officers responded. Fire department reset fire alarm.

06/18 – Off Campus

Student reports road rage incident on her drive to NEIU. Subiect that cut her off on the road followed her onto campus and was taking pictures.

06/18 – NEIU

University staff provided police an order of protection form against a former romantic interest who was abusive towards victim.

06/18 – Testing Center

Officer observed broken windows on three separate university owned properties on Bryn-Mawr Ave. Offender unknown.

06/21 – Off-Campus

Officers patrol area looking for missing five year old. Child located by neighbor who reports child wanders off unattended often. Report filed with DCFS.

06/23 – Off-Campus

Former student reached out to NEIU PD regarding domestic abuse situation. Police report was filed and other resources were provided.

06/25 – Parking Lot-J

Unknown offender stole the axle off front hub of victim's bicycle while secured to bike rack.

06/30 – The Nest

Student reports dispute and verbal threat made by room mate over purchase of cleaning supplies. Room mate will be moving out of unit to resolve the matter.

07/01 – COBM

Officers received reports of unknown subject who has been defecating on the toilet seat, walls and floors in handicap stall for the last three weeks.

07/01 B-Building

Cash was stolen from safe inside office area. Offender is unknown at this time.

07/08 – CCICS

Two students horse playing in hallway caused a hole in the wall after one student shoved other student into wall. No physical injuries were reported.

07/09 – Lech Walesa Hall

Unknown offender defaced a paper flyer advertising a social club on campus, No threats implied.

07/10 – El Centro

Suspicious note found in an empty classroom inside of an unattended binder resolved. No threats made against NEIU community.

07/11 – NEIU Police Department

Person came in feeling faint asking for an ambulance. Ambulance was called. Subject refused services.

07/12 – PE Complex

A juvenile from the day camp was having a medical episode – ambulance was called and the juvenile was transported to the hospital.

07/12 – LWH

A laptop was found. The owner was identified and contacted.

07/17 – LWH

Fourth floor bathroom and elevator were vandalized. It was cleaned up.

07/17 – NEIU Police Department

Student came in to report that a former acquaintance was stalking her. Report was taken and is
under investigation.

07/16 – E Building

Elevator alarm. It was reset by engineers.

07/16 – PE Building

Two unlocked bicycles stolen from the day camp. Suspects are unknown.

07/17 – PE Building

Day camp counselor was having a medical episode. Ambulance was called. Person transported
to the hospital.

07/18 – Parking Facility

Suspicious persons were found in the garage. Persons were juveniles driving erratically and had
open liquor in the vehicle. Citations issued and parents contacted.

07/18 – LWH

Cell phone charger was found.