Graduation at UIC?

“What are your feelings about the change in location, date and time for graduation? “

Henry Nguyen, Staff writer


Are you a senior? Are you graduating this Semester? If you are, there has been controversy within the student body surrounding the location, date, and time of the commencement ceremony. It’s at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) on Monday, May 13, at 4 p.m. Seniors who are attending the ceremony, what are your feelings about all three of the above issues?
“I do not think the ceremony should be at UIC since that is not the school I am getting my degree at. A ceremony at NEIU would be much more significant for me. If there isn’t that much room indoors for everyone then divide it by department and have it at NEIU. Monday the 13th is not a problem, it’s just a problem that they changed the date. 4 p.m. is too late since we will be getting out at 6pm. I think 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. is ideal.” – Maria Jazmin Rios, Biology major and minor in Chemistry, Senior.
“I like the fact that we will graduate in a large pavilion. However, I wonder why NEIU could not provide for students to graduate here at its own university. The time of the event also seems to be late and having it at 4 p.m. is too late. My suggestion would be to have it either at 12 or 2 p.m.” – Kit Cabello, Political Science, Senior.
“I am excited about my graduation. However, for the graduation ceremony, location and time at UIC works great as it is indoors, rather than NEIU. But, the time should be in the evening so that my parents can attend the ceremony (maybe the weekend).” – Hardik Patel, Computer Science, Senior.
“I wish I graduated from NEIU, it’s at a convenient location and my parents would love to see the school I’m graduating from. However, considering the rain and cold, everybody, especially the families ,left early during May commencements, so in one way it’s a good thing, but Monday evening? That’s an odd day of graduation. But I’m guessing it’s because we booked last minute.” – Sana Sultana, Biology, Senior.
“I don’t mind. The venue is large and indoors, so there are fewer things that can go wrong.” – Matt Hansen, History, Senior.