4/23 Police Blotter

4/2/19: Access Road

Cemetery staff was notified of a hazard posed by large tree branches overhanging onto NEIU property (main road). Cemetery staff will trim the branches down in coming weeks.


4/8/19: El Centro

A contractor accidentally ruptured a gas line next to El Centro. Per the Chicago fire department, there was no need to evacuate. The gas company arrived and stopped the leak.


4/8/19: The Nest

An alleged criminal sexual assault that occurred in 2018 was reported.


4/10/19: The Nest

A friend of a student asked police to conduct a well being check, as the student had not been heard from and had a history of depression.


4/10/19: Bernard Brommel Hall

Officers responded to reports of subject breaking items in hallway. It was reported that the student was stressed from class and lack of sleep. Peace restored. Subject was escorted out.


4/10/19: Student Union

Former student found sleeping in building after school hours. He was issued a written trespassing warning and escorted out of the building.


4/12/19: B Building

Office door was found unsecured with the locking mechanism disengaged. A duffel bag was found in the room.