Review: “Balkan Beat Box” Makes Great Study Buddy

Desiree Dylong , News Editor


5.0 out of 5 Stars

With final projects and exams around the corner, students may be searching for some good study music to keep them company while they work. For those who enjoy listening to electronica while studying, Balkan Beat Box’s (BBB) self-titled album Balkan Beat Box will be a unique yet comforting study buddy.
Members Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat, both born in Israel, started the band when they met in Brooklyn, New York. They eventually started combining the traditional and the current in order to make their own sound. While their use of electronica helps to make their beats ear-catching, the fusion of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Balkan musical traditions is what makes the album ear candy.
The opening track “Cha Cha” immediately lets listeners know that they are being transported into unique realms. The song is an eclectic mix of Ska and BBB’s signature blend of cultural influences. “Cha Cha” begins with a rooster crowing and a woman seductively saying “dance”. The song also showcases a horn section, and ladies occasionally chanting “ch ch cha cha”. All of this is enough to make listeners want to dance in their seats. The second track “Bulgarian Chicks” (Featuring Vlada Tomova & Kristin Espeland) also doesn’t fail to deliver fun beats that blend genres flawlessly.
“Meboli” (Featuring Vlada Tomova) the stand out track, uses jazz and electronica to create a rapid beat. The saxophone along with the drums is reminiscent of Hot Jazz. The speedy jazz style is also reminiscent of Django Reinhardt, a trailblazing jazz musician who helped form the style of hot jazz guitar.
Part of what makes BBB’s album so unique is all the artistic collaborations. For instance, track five, “Shushan” (Featuring Shushan) showcases Shushan, who’s a Moroccan Rai singer. “Shushan” along with the other collaborations on the album is an example of how BBB works to bring artistry and cultures together.
The flawless blending of different genres along with quirky tracks such as “Cha Cha” and “Bulgarian Chicks” is what makes the album fun and perfect for easing stress while studying. Yet, tracks such as “Meboli” showcase BBB’s talent as well-rounded musicians.
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