Police Blotter Nov. 4 to Nov. 16

Nov. 4: NEIU Campus: Student believes an acquaintance may have installed spyware on her computer and is stalking her. Case was referred to Title IX officer.

Nov. 6: Library: Unknown offender drew a swastika on the back of a door. Facilities were notified for clean up.

Nov. 8: B-Building: Verbal altercation between subjects over family matters turned into push-and-shove. No charges filed; both parties just wanted incident documented.

Nov. 8: P.E. Complex: Unknown offender wrote graffiti on white dry-erase board in a classroom.

Nov. 9: Library: Complainant was approached by unknown male asking him to give him a ride to off-campus location and wanted the incident documented with the NEIU police.

Nov. 10: BOB: Unknown offender stole copper-wire from rear of building, causing power loss. Officers are viewing surveillance cameras in the neighborhood.

Nov. 10: P.E. Complex: Parents got into shouting match with soccer coach over seven-year-old son not being allowed to play in the last three matches.

Nov. 12: The Nest: Student trapped inside elevator. Staff was able to get her out before fire department’s arrival. She refused EMS.

Nov. 12: The Quad: Officer conducted a well-being check on subject who appeared to be crying. He told the officer he is okay and that he was dealing with girlfriend issues. He then left campus.

Nov. 13: LWH: Building service worker reported suspicious writing on a classroom blackboard. Words were documented and the origin of the words unknown at this time.

Nov. 13: Parking Lot C: Officer responded to report of unintended vehicle left running in parking lot. Officer shut off car, secured vehicle and dropped off keys at the information desk.

Nov. 14: Access Road: Three state citations and I-bond issued for disobeying stop signs. According to the log sheet provided by the NEIU Police Department, “Suspended license and no insurance vehicle was released to owner with valid license. “