Man on the Street: New “Ventra” frustrates more than Serves

What are your thoughts on the new Ventra system?

Henry Nguyen, Staff writer

Chicago Public Transportation will soon be working under the new Ventra system that is set to replace the current system by 2014. Ventra open-fare card initiative was carried out due to a state law that passed in 2011 which mandated the CTA, Metra, and Pace function under one shared fare card by 2015. The “Green” trend is another reason for change by making the disposable ticket a less viable option.

There has been controversy and suspicion over rumors detailing the full plan of Ventra. The card will be $5, but it will be credit to transit fares. That is no big deal. The controversies begin with expected prices to increase up to 33 percent. When the Ventra system is fully in effect, the alternative options are expected to be more expensive to encourage people toward this new system. There will be a penalty fee of $5 per month if the card is not used within 18 months, to promote active use. There may also be extra charges toward reloading the card and costumer assistance services. The Ventra card can also double as a debit card.



NEIU students were asked, “CTA is making changes requiring an increased fare on people not using the Ventra card for CTA. What do you think about the new Ventra system going forward?”

“I think it is a terrible idea. The amounts of fees attached to the system are ridiculous. Also, the explanation of why the system should be implemented is extremely convoluted. Making the move will make it expensive to utilize public transportation and has no benefit to anyone.” – Dana Brown, Psychology Major, Junior.

“Many people might not be able to pay for this new system. There should be other ways for people to pay. Hopefully, this does not affect the student prices.” – Karla Hernandez, Computer Science Major, Sophomore.

“There should be no extra charges for using the CTA. The fares are already high compared to other cities.” Waldo Ceron, Secondary Education in Mathematics Major, Senior.

“I think the Ventra system is just going to dissuade people to use public transportation. It will be too costly and sounds ineffective for students.” Adriana Santillan, English Major, Freshman.

“I believe in change, but only if both sides are reasonably compensated. The question I have is will service improve? Will these fares increase public safety? I remember 2 years ago, they said “Doomsday” plan where fares must be increased because of the war. Yet, here we are again with the fare increase and the same service problems.” – Dominique Covin, Justice Studies Major, Senior.