Golden Perspectives – “What are your Easter traditions?/ What do you do on Easter Weekend?

Nicole F. Anderson, News and Co-Managing Editor


Carly Adler – Sophomore
“We’re starting a new Easter tradition because of my one-year-old niece. My family and I are going to Farmhouse Restaurant in Evanston for brunch.”

Kelda Harris – Senior
“My family and I cook ham then go to church. We used to Easter egg hunt in my grandma’s backyard when we were younger.”

Marty Witkowski – Junior
“I’m going to be at home with family. We’re going to give Easter baskets and eat ham, eggs and bread and butter.”

Michael DaVita – Junior
“I’m going to hang with my dad. We watch Ben-Hur every year and feast on steak, green beans, and mashed potatoes.”

Maddie Reynolds – Junior
“We don’t really have any traditions, but this year my dad and grandma will stop in Chicago on their way to Door County.”

Sarah Brooks – Senior
“We used to Easter egg hunt and get baskets when my brothers and I were little. I had my first lamb cake last year. This year, we’re going to just color eggs.”

Melissa Montes De Oca – Junior
“My family and I wake up early to go to church. We dress head-to-toe in brand new outfits, mostly pastel colors. Afterward, we go home and cook Mexican dishes.”

Dulce Dominguez – Senior
“My niece and nephews come over and we hide eggs for them, give them baskets and have a family dinner. Usually, my mom makes caldo de pollo. We always go to Baskin Robbins after dinner.”

Ollie Thomas – Staff Member
“We go to church and one of the family members hosts a potluck.”

Terry Allen – Freshman
“For spring traditions, we usually clean the house; it takes a couple days. For Easter, we go to my Auntie’s house and eat turkey.”