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Black revolution

Emily Haddad

November 14, 2012

Senior Studio Art major Darius Dennis invites Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) and members of the Chicago art community to explore the Black identity by attending his senior art show entitled, Educated Black Veteran V.S. Angry Black Militant – Black Revolution in Time for Obama. This show represents both the sophistication with which Dennis handles living in a constant duality, and the culmination of his skills and personal growth at NEIU. A self-described mathematician, painter and graffiti writer, Dennis has been painting for 23 years. He works in multiple painting mediums, often combining oils, acrylics, watercolor and aerosol to create works that range from small portraitures to a large mural collaboration with the NEIU art program that can be viewed on nearby California Ave. and Belmont Ave. Dennis’ work reflects his admiration for the spirit of revolution, and the contributions of civil rights organizations such as the Black Panther party. “Black is Beautiful, Black is power, and power to the people,” are messages deeply ingrained within Dennis and influence his artwork. Citing inspiration from the written works of Gordon Parks and Mumia Abu Jamal, Dennis said, “The only contemporary perk to being Black in America is that we are beautiful.” The show kicks off Nov. 19 in the Fine Arts building, on the first floor corridor facing the parking facility. On Nov. 21, people will have an opportunity to meet the artist himself, view his work, and enjoy refreshments. Deep fried turkey will be featured as a special entrée. Educated Black Veteran V.S. Angry Black Militant – Black Revolution in Time for Obama. will run from Nov. 19–30....

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Black Revolution