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Interim Campus Covid and Contact Tracing Policy

September 25, 2021

The NEIU Covid Task Force and Student Health Services (SHS) have created a contact tracing program; students and faculty have an active role in the process.

Students and faculty may view the Return to Campus Interim Policy and its containing Flowchart for what steps to take if one suspects they have Covid-19, starting with scheduling a test with SHIELD–test results will be available between 12 and 48 hours–and if positive reporting it to SHS. NEIU’s CCICS is expected to start offering testing on Fridays from 1-3 in the afternoon by the end of September.

Reporting to SHS begins a process that includes confirming vaccination status and notifying close contacts–these including all classmates in the same room for an extended period of time and not just those 6 feet or closer for longer than 15 minutes as defined in the Interim Policy.

If you were a close contact to a positive case SHS will notify you and if you are not yet vaccinated, then you are required to quarantine for seven days and take a coronavirus test. If your test is positive, your quarantine will be extended to 10 days.

However, if you are vaccinated and have attested to such status you will not be required to quarantine, though SHS advises exposed students to get tested.

There is an expected update to the Return to Campus Interim Policy, upon approval from the office of President Gibson.

In an interview with the Independent Sharon Heimbaugh, Director of Student Health Services, placed emphasis on student’s obligations saying, “Students have personal responsibility to report their positive tests to student health services and attest to their vaccination status.”

Students may attest to their vaccination status here. If one was vaccinated in Illinois a simple attestation will suffice, however if you were vaccinated out of state, Indiana for example, you must submit your proof of vaccination to SHS. All students should attest to their vaccination status promptly if not already done.

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