Going Once, Going Twice, Gone!!!

April 4, 2022


Mercari, Poshmark, Offerup, Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace, Pangobooks, eBay and Etsy are all apps that you can use to sell your old stuff and earn some extra income. If you have not heard of any of these apps, or only a few, then just know that these apps can earn you an extra few dollars, all the way to an extra couple hundred dollars. The simple act of cleaning out your closet, selling your old books and clearing out your apartment or dorm room can be a very lucrative activity. So here is the rundown of these apps.


Sell everything from those last year’s Uggs to the extra bed risers on this app. Simply set up your account and post pictures of what you are selling. Take note, the more information you provide the better. Tell your potential customers whether the item is new with tags (NWT) or used and in good condition; the cost of shipping, if any, and name your price. If someone purchases your item, a percentage of the sale goes to Mercari, you print out the label and then ship it. The customer either pays you or funds are released once the item has been scored by the customer. I have heard that sales are generally $20 or more for each item. 


This app is mainly for sellers of clothes and fashion accessories. However, you will find random other things as well. Poshmark also lets you take multiple pictures of your item — but be very detailed about the size, color and condition of the item. Depending on the item, set a fair price and add the cost of delivery or offer to ship it for free. In this app remember it is going to have other members invite you to parties where you can share your current closet. If an item sells, then you can print the label and send it out via the mode of shipment that they paid for.  Be aware of the size and weight of the package before shipping to avoid the package being returned. A good way to sell on this platform is to ensure the items are clean, odor-free and free of cat or dog hair. A major plus is if the item comes from a smoke-free environment. 


These apps are some of the easier apps, and I feel like many college students would benefit 

from them the most. These sites would still like pictures and descriptions of the items; however, you are able to allow people in certain areas to see the items and offer to pick up or deliver, cutting out that cost to the shopper. Please note you should perhaps have the person pick up the item in a neutral area or have someone present with you when the item is to be picked up. Also, ask for payment of the product in the platform you inputted at the time you set the account up. Of course, each site does require some type of cut of the share of the profits, so be aware of that.


If you want to ensure that your books go to another reader and book lover, Pangobooks is for you. Not only are you selling your books, but others might have books you were searching for at an unbelievable price. To be successful in selling listed items at a fair price, be honest about your book’s condition, any highlights, dogeared pages, etc. Being honest about the condition of the book and fair prices, as well as being able to ship it out quickly, will get you a five-star rating.


These two sites are great places to sell handcrafted items, Esty and for the dedicated reseller, the best site would be eBay. As with all the sites that have been referred to, you are urged to take pictures and give a description of your item, as well as disclose all details, so as not to disappoint the customer. A percentage of the sales goes to the site and you yourself will have to pay for any extra shipping discrepancies, so be as accurate as possible with the weight of the item. 

As with everything suggested above or any other money-making endeavor you undertake, please do your research and decide what could be right for you. Be aware that at a certain point your earnings could be taxable, and if you are making this a business with a higher rate of debt and a potential increase in income, please remember to keep accurate records and place aside money for taxes you may owe to the government.  

Enjoy your new side hustles and your earnings. Be aware of trends in fashion, take note of seasonal decor, and, finally, have a great time doing this.  

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