NEIU transitions to remote instruction, pass/no pass grading for all three summer semesters

May 1, 2020

Northeastern Illinois University announced Thursday that all three summer semesters–first-half summer (May 15-June 15), second-half summer (June 26-Aug.6) and full summer (May 15-Aug. 8)–will be delivered remotely amid concerns surrounding the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. 

Earlier this month, NEIU announced that both the first-half summer and full-summer semesters would transition to remote instruction, though the university remained undecided on whether to resume face-to-face instruction for the second-half summer semester.

According to an NEIU Targeted Announcement distributed April 30, “Remote instruction involves improvisational and flexible design to deliver the same material in a course that was intended to be taught in a traditional, face-to-face manner but now must be done remotely.”

The announcement also states that NEIU faculty and staff will adopt “improvisational and flexible” teaching methods to ensure that students lacking access to technology can participate in the summer semester.  According to the email, professors are expected to modify classes intended for traditional face-to-face instruction to an online model compatible with social distancing mandates. 

NEIU also announced a revised grading policy to ensure “the fewest negative effects on students” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Grading for summer courses will follow a pass/no pass grading model, though traditional A-F grading is still offered. 

NEIU students are at liberty to select the pass/no pass model for an unlimited number of courses indiscriminate of level. However, certain courses such as clinicals and licensure courses may be unavailable for the pass/no pass grading rubric. Furthermore, minimum grade requirements may affect eligibility for future enrollments.

A “P” grade will be awarded to students who earn a C or higher, though a “NP” will not reflect on a student’s GPA. 

Students receiving state or federal financial aid are also eligible to elect the pass/no pass grading model, as “pass” grades satisfy the financial aid requirements for GPA, PACE and maximum time frame of credit hours. According to the email, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) will be assessed at the end of summer semester. 

Students interested in choosing the pass/no pass grading model must alert the Registrar’s Office. The Office of the Registrar will disseminate instructions on how to select pass/no pass at the beginning of the summer semester.

As of May 1, NEIU has not announced a decision on whether the 2020 Fall Semester instruction will be delivered remotely or in a classroom setting.

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