Bernie Sanders projected to win California

March 3, 2020

Update 11:03 p.m.: Biden has overtaken Sanders in Texas, currently owning 29.1% of the vote compared to Sanders’ 28.8%

Update 10:51 p.m.: Biden closed the deficit to 0.7% in Texas. Biden’s resurgence comes on the back of a 5% lead in Harris Country. Biden has enjoyed strong support within the same-day vote while Sanders earned the majority of early votes.

Bexar County has leaned heavily toward Sanders, who owns 31% of the vote. Sanders popularity in Bexar Country is driven by early voters.

Bernie Sanders has won California and Utah.

With 6% of the votes counted, the self-proclaimed Democratic socialist owns 27.5% of the vote, with Bloomberg–who will reportedly reassess his candidacy after a disappointed Super Tuesday–currently occupying second place with 19.7% of the Golden State’s vote.

Biden, whose strong Super Tuesday now includes victories in Massachusetts and Minnesota, sits third in the California primary at 17.4%. Nevertheless, Biden remains eight percentage points ahead of Sanders in Minnesota (77% reported) and 6.2 percentage points ahead of Sanders in Massachusetts (75% reporting), blunting the blow of a resounding Sanders victory in California.

Warren’s campaign continues to flounder, with the Massachusetts Senator finishing a distant third in her home state. With Biden and Sanders pulling away in the delegate count, a Warren nomination is now a mathematic improbability.

Per CBS, the California primary currently stands as listed:

Bernie Sanders
26.8% 163,570
Michael Bloomberg
19.5% 118,851
Joe Biden
17.5% 106,912
Pete Buttigieg
11.3% 69,057
Elizabeth Warren
10.9% 66,659
Amy Klobuchar
5.8% 35,523
Tom Steyer
4.8% 29,160
Andrew Yang
1.4% 8,301
Tulsi Gabbard
0.8% 4,957
Julian Castro
0.2% 1,464


Sanders also currently holds a narrow lead in Texas, holding 28.7% of the vote compared to Biden’s 22%. Bloomberg sits third at 17.1% while Warren has claimed 12% of the vote.

The Maine Democratic Primary is also too close to call, with Sanders earning 33.2% of the vote against Biden’s 33.1% and Warren’s 17.2%. Maine has reported 66% of the votes.

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