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April 12, 2013

  My name is Julio Garcia and I was a minority whip in the House of Representatives. The whips are responsible for getting the speaker's list in order. Whips also inform the representatives of party line votes on key bills. Next year will be my third year in the club and I intend to run for minority leader in the H...

President’s Pen

February 21, 2013

  “Opportunities are global.” That is the tagline used by Northeastern Illinois University’s (NEIU) International Business Conference (IBC). With business changing constantly and exchanges occurring between businesses all over the world, it is important for students to be aware of business practices in different...

Greek Life

Go Greek

February 21, 2013

  Greek life. What is the first thought you get when you hear these two terms? For many, they picture huge parties, sleepless nights, and more par...

President’s Pen – Hillel

December 5, 2012

  Meet the Officers & Advisor of Hillel NEIU Ilana Ostro Ilana Ostro (President) is a senior studying Marketing and finishing up her Bachelor’s degree here at NEIU. She enjoys dancing, playing basketball, making people laugh, snowboarding, and singing to herself in the car when no one is listening. She has a great passion for Judaism and the Jewish culture, loves to meet people and get people involved in all sorts of activities. She loves every Hillel event and cannot pick just one. Look for her in the College of Business and Management building, (all of the time) studying or procrastinating. NEIU Mati Zuckerman Mati Zuckerman (Vice President) is a senior studying Mathematics. He enjoys solving math problems, conversing with others, and watching movies (as long as they’re good). His favorite Hillel event to date was when Hillel brought Sukkot to Campus: SukkahMobile. “It had the best atmosphere, we got to sit in a real sukkah while Rabbi Posner answered questions and we had an open discussion; there was a bit of rain, but it didn’t stop us from having fun!” Look for him tutoring in the LSC (Learning Support Center) math lab finding ways to solve all your (calculation) problems! NEIU Rafi Massey   Rafi Massey (Treasurer) is a junior studying Biology and has as passion for science. Some of his favorite things to do are playing the banjo, dancing the tango, socializing and he also LOVES hummus! His favorite Hillel event up until now was the SukkahMobile event and loves the Hillel display case! He would like to see it happen again and many more future events for Hillel. Find him dipping his pita into his hummus after performing the tango for everyone around campus. NEIU Aaron Massey Aaron Massey (Secretary) is a freshman and undecided about his field for study but is studying everything until then. He enjoys playing guitar, watching movies, listening to music, playing hockey and taking long walks on the beach. His favorite Hillel event to date was bringing in Alex Cicelsky to talk about Kibbutz Lotan. He showed us how we could be more eco -friendly no matter where we are and how we could use waste to build a community anywhere in the world! Find him wandering through the concrete paths of NEIU’s campus looking for something new and interesting to do. NEIU Teodora Burian Dr. Teodora Burian is not only Hillel’s advisor, but she is a mother and a professor too. She loves learning about Judaism and works in the English Language Department while enjoying the company of her students a great deal! She is a huge motivator and dedicates her time showing her huge support to the Hillel and without her, things would not happen. When she gets some free time she enjoys to read, bake and just recently took up knitting. A fan of rock climbing and biking, you can find her climbing up the walls of Lech Walesa Hall through her window and into her office LWH 2048. Upcoming Events for Hillel, Don’t Miss Them! Tuesday December 4th at 3 pm: Chanukah on Camus: Olive Oil Making Workshop, Golden Eagles room in the Student Union (103) Taboun Grill will be served (CrC, Kosher Middle Eastern/Israeli food) Wednesday December 5th from 12-4 pm: Stress & "Fress" to Make You Feel Best! BBH (Science building) Room 229 (subject to change). Kosher pizza will be served if you need to study, take a break, socialize or grab a quick bite! More information? Questions? Want to get involved? Simply contact any of Hillel’s officers: Ilana Ostro [email protected] / (847)921-6361, Mati [email protected], Rafi [email protected] , Aaron [email protected]

President’s Pen – NEIU United Greek Council

November 14, 2012

    Officers: President: Chakira Hamilton (Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.) Internal Vice President: Shevy Booze (Theta Chi Omega National Multicultural Sorority, Inc.) External Vice President: Kyle Thomas (External Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.) Treasurer: Abdel Velasquez (Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc.) Secretary: Yasmine Acosta-Aguayo (Gamma Theta Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.) Social Chair: Juan Martinez (Omega Delta Fraternity, Inc.) Academic Chair: Christine Ellasos (Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.) Philanthropy Chair: Maggie Dudzinska (Theta Chi Omega National Multicultural Sorority, Inc.) Expansion Chairz: Denny Esquivel (Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.) Greetings from the United Greek Council. The United Greek Council (UGC) was created as a governing and uniting body to mediate and moderate the active Fraternity and Sorority population on the NEIU campus. The UGC coordinates strategic programming to maintain high standards, promote higher education, increase community outreach and enhance leadership opportunities for NEIU students who opt to participate in Greek-Lettered Organizations and their activities. We also serve as a liaison between the UGC, the university student body and administration to enhance the quality of student life at the university. Each year, five officers and four chairs are elected from the pool of active Greek orgs who are registered with the council. This year, the executive board consists of members from seven unique incorporated collegiate sororities and fraternities who oversee various functions of the organization. These officers meet approximately twice monthly, with representatives from each of the 15 registered Fraternities and Sororities to tackle issues that impact the Greek community. Guests and spectators are welcomed and encouraged. Most recently, the UGC sponsored Greek Week (Oct. 29 – Nov. 2). Greek Week consisted of six days of inter-organizational bonding, fund-raising for charity, and school spirit activities including a Homecoming dance, pep rally and flag football game. The council also works with the Office of Student Leadership Development (SLD) to create an annual publication for students who may be interested in fraternity and sorority activities, which can be found in the SLD office. For students interested in learning more about Greek life, or the UGC, there will be an Informational meeting on Nov. 15, 2012 in Lech Walesa Hall 3005 from 3:05 – 5 p.m. Students can have their questions answered, meet members of the Greek community and view a presentation about the offerings of the organization on campus....

The French Club – Bonjour

October 31, 2012

  My name is Antoinette Senjanovich. I am the president of the French Club at NEIU as well as a French Studies and secondary education major. Our current adviser is Mary-Ellen McGoey, who is also the associate professor of French for our Department of World Languages and Cultures. Our club's current mission statement...

President’s Pen – NEIU’s GLBTQA

October 3, 2012

  My name is Juan Manuel Gonzalez and I am the current president of the GLBTQA. With each change in leadership comes a new perspective and a new sense of direction. Under my leadership comes a shift to our roots,  a return to what makes us who we are. Our organization started on these following principals: Humanity, Acceptance, and Education. Within the principal of Humanity we have the understanding that all people have something which makes them unique, whether it be their sexuality or gender identity. Within the principal of Acceptance comes the understanding that we will not discriminate against anyone under any circumstances, we are all interconnected due to our pride for who we are on an individual level and who we are as an organization. And finally under the principal of Education. Within Education we thrive and strive to educate the NEIU Community as well as the surrounding community as to what we stand for, and matters in which we find pertinent to the LGBTQA Community. I am extremely excited for this school year and I am especially excited to be leading this wonderful organization with the assistance of the rest of my wonderful executive board. My name is Hector Escarpita and I am the vice president of the GLBTQA at Northeastern Illinois University this school year. We are a very open group and have amazing members who have become not only mine but Juan’s family. We meet every Thursday during Activity hour, in B-152 unless otherwise mentioned, so please join us! I promise you will not regret it. The club is fun and we have frequent weekly activities so do not hesitate to stop by. I am very excited to get so much done this semester with our new executive board. So far working with them has been wonderful! The GLBTQA will be hosting several upcoming events. The first is a National Coming Out Day event on October 10, 2012 from 11-2 PM. We will be showing a movie, and offering popcorn and other various snacks. In the Spring we will also be hosting our ever-popular annual drag show. At every meeting we have a fun activity, as well as once a month we have a birthday cake for all members in celebration of that month’s birthdays. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more information, and check our board located down the hall from the Information Center....

President’s Pen – .:Seeds:. Literary & Visual Arts Journal

October 3, 2012

  Linda E. Monacelli - President Hello! My name is Linda Monacelli, and I am the Editor-in-Chief and Poetry Editor of Seeds Literary & Visual Arts Journal of NEIU. I am an English, Secondary Education major and have been a member of Seeds since its official launch in January 2011. I chose to join Seeds because I wanted to meet people, and I didn't want to work on my art, poetry and painting, in a vacuum. I deeply believed, and still do, that art is neither inspired nor created in solitude.  Without doubt, seclusion for an artist is important, but far more important are the inspiration and support of community. Our vision at Seeds involves bringing together local writers and artists to form an active and nurturing creative environment where art can happen and become a collection that people can admire, enjoy, and study. We want to inform budding writers and artists that their work is important, and we want to help them get their work published, perhaps for the first time in their creative careers. We are now collecting submissions for our fall/winter journal. The deadline is Friday, October 12th, no later than midnight. Anyone interested in submitting work may view the official guidelines at Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions, comments, concerns. Rachel L. Deahl – Vice President Hi, my name is Rachel Deahl, and I'm the Vice-President and Fiction Editor of this budding journal. I'm an English major with an ambition to be a paid, published author. I started at NEIU in Fall 2010 looking to be part of something great, and I found it at Seeds. As a senior now, I have seen the great work that Seeds has done through promoting events such as “More Business of Being Born,” with Ricki Lake talking about birthing activism, and creating an artistic community for the student body through publication in our journal. Seeds is another step in my writing career where I get to collaborate with great creative minds. My future ambitions include graduating with my Master’s in Creative Writing, Writing and Publishing, or perhaps a Master’s in Communication. Before transferring to NEIU, I graduated in fall 2009 with an Associate of Arts Degree in Literature, with Honors, from Wilbur Wright College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago. At Wright, I was a layout designer, officer, and literary editor of The Wright Side, the school's literary magazine. In addition to being an officer of Seeds, I am the Treasurer of Sigma Tau Delta Phi Upsilon, NEIU's chapter of the International English Honors Society, Secretaryof SGA, and a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)....

President’s Pen – Honors Society

September 19, 2012

  NEIU AshleyBeyer NEIU Samuel Aguirre NEIU Kelly Webb NEIU Samira Savani Ashley Beyer - President My name is Ashley Beyer and I am the President of the Honors Society. I became involved with the Honors Society because of my involvement with the University's Honors Program. Before becoming a member, I didn't know anyone here at school. Being a part of the Honors Society allowed me to become involved and connected on campus. As President, the challenges and obstacles I have faced are far outweighed by the many rewards that come along with seeing your ideas come to fruition. The Honors Society has co-sponsored many events with other clubs in the past such as Future Health Professionals, French club and Psychology club. We volunteer on campus with the Child Care Center and off campus at Northpark Senior Center. Volunteering in and around school has been truly rewarding, I am in the Nontraditional Degree Program here at NEIU which I love! I also have a double minor in Linguistics and TESL. I am also an in-home volunteer ESL tutor through World Relief Chicago. The Honors Society allowed me to meet new people and become very involved on campus. Being a part of the Honors Society opened up many doors for me socially and academically. I look forward to rest of this semester as we host many more events. Samuel Aguirre – Vice President As the Vice-President of Honors Society, one of my main goals is to increase the quality of student life at NEIU through my involvement in various areas of the university. I hope to increase student participation in our NEIU community and my position in Honors Society provides me with the opportunity to interact with other organizations both on and off campus. I was elected Vice-President in the spring of 2012. After witnessing various leadership approaches by numerous past presidents of the Honors Society, I believe that our current officers are creating positive change and embracing the spirit of NEIU. In my academic life, I am pursuing a double major in Bilingual/Bicultural Elementary Education and several middle school endorsements. I make my education my priority, and I continue to succeed in all my classes. When it comes to my work, I am currently an Intern in the Student Leadership Development Office (SLD). I am growing in my position by learning about the many opportunities that the university offers for all of our students. Kelly Webb - Honors Society Treasurer As Treasurer of the Honors Society, I am involved with many steps of event planning. Some of my talents are networking, event planning, and advertising. These are just a few of my many tasks and accomplishments with Honors Society. I am a senior here at NEIU and enrolled as a Social Work major and minor in Sociology. My other extracurricular activities include being a Senator in the Student Government Association (SGA). I am also proud to be a part of the McNair Scholars Program. Samira Savani - Honors Society Secretary My name is Samira Savani and I am the Secretary of the Honors Society. I am an Accounting major and I am planning on doing my Masters and CPA in near future. I joined Honors Society during my first semester in Fall of 2010, and I have been part of it ever since. It feels like each and every member of the Honors Society is a family member because I am so connected to everyone. I am also involved in many other clubs. I am a President of the ISA (Indian Student Association), and I am also involved in SGA (Student Government Association). During my journey with the Honors Society, I have met many amazing people with different backgrounds, which helped me learn to communicate with people and become more social and I love it. Moreover, it has also helped me to become a better and a successful person in my academic career. I will continue to be part of Honors Society till I graduate next year....

Hello NEIU Students and faculty!

September 6, 2012

Hello NEIU Students and faculty! By NEIU ISA Welcome back to yet another great, fun-filled Fall Semester! The Indian Students Association (ISA) at NEIU is active again this year and we want to welcome you all to our club. ISA aims to unite students of all backgrounds who share common interest in Indian history and culture. ISA is back with great initiative taken by Samira Savani as president, Jayati Gohel and Chandrakant Lunagariya as vice-presidents, Indira Bambur as treasurer, and Fajila Tailor as secretary. We would like to extend our association to any student that wants to experience the Culture of India. Our goal is to educate the general student body and to raise awareness of Indian culture and promote its understanding and appreciation through periodic bake sales, regular Indian film screenings, Henna painting booths, and occasional campus-wide events like Garba (traditional dance) Night, our annual Diwali show, and much more. Please save the following dates: October 12th for Garba Night and November 2nd for Diwali Show. If you are interested in performing or hosting the show, please let us know. We are constantly recruiting new members that want to savor the Indian traditions. To join our organizations please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], or join our group on facebook. JAI HIND! Sincerely, NEIU ISA  ...

President’s Pen: Student Alliance for Leadership and Education

April 28, 2012

    The Student Alliance for Leadership and Education (S.A.L.E.) was formed in the spring of 2008 by a group of students from the El Centro campus. The mission of the organization is “to unite students by promoting education, empowerment through leadership and contributing to the community.” The organization had some difficulties recruiting students and after the first two years, it became inactive. It wasn’t until the Fall 2011 semester that S.A.L.E. grew significantly enough to become active again, empowering students who primarily attend the El Centro Campus to become involved. S.A.L.E. has sponsored and co-sponsored various events such as Dance your Heart Out, Dr. Seuss Birthday, the Second Annual Latino Student Leadership Conference, annual toy drives and much more.   The organization took the lead in assisting with the Second Annual Latino Student Leadership Conference, obtaining the WEAVE Grant from the Student Union (SU). The grant’s purpose is to weave an intercampus tapestry of student-led programs with SU resources to enhance the community at NEIU. Many of the students admitted to the El Centro campus don’t always have the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of NEIU student organizations. S.A.L.E gives these students the opportunity to get involved at the El Centro campus since its members take the majority of their course work here. This fiscal year, they have grown from one remaining student to twelve actively involved students. All the members are mentees or mentors in the GUIAS mentoring program (GUidance, Inspiration and Academic Support).   Franklin Ortega, President I was born in a small town called Azogues, in Ecuador. I migrated to the U.S. in 2004 after completing my secondary education in my country. When I arrived in 2004, I went to Maine East High School. At Maine East, I was part of the Latino Club and also involved in sports and other activities. I was an ESL student for the three years that I was at Maine East. I managed to learn English and graduate with my high school diploma in 2007. After high school, I continued my education at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, IL. I was involved in several student organizations as President of the Spanish Club and Senator in the Student Government Association. I completed my credits at Oakton Community College in 2010, applied and began attending Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) in the Spring 2011 Semester. I’m majoring in Justice Studies and minoring in Latino/Latin American Studies. I love the university and everything it has to offer. I hope all my dreams come true and I become the first person in my entire family to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree. I am ready to make a difference and put all my experience and passion moving forward. I wish everyone the best in their studies and that everyone has a great summer. Good luck with your finals and future goals.   Delia Villanueva, Executive Vice President Hello, my name is Delia Villanueva. I’m a freshmen at NEIU’s El Centro Campus. I’m debating about a major in anthropology and mortuary studies. As a member of S.A.L.E., we volunteer with the community and other organizations, acting as a support system. The organization provides workshops to its members as well as mentoring opportunities. My goal, since this organization is based upon leadership, is to work on becoming a more positive leader. I will do so by applying for an internship at the House of Representatives. Doing so will broaden our connections, and I encourage you all to apply for this too if you are as interested in our government as I am. I spend my time socializing, helping the youth or those in desperate need of help with their homework, and looking for places that want my assistance. This organization is truly great, because I know I can come to them for help and I know they feel the same about me. Thank you for listening.   Dulce Sierra, Vice President My name is Dulce Sierra, I’m a freshman at NEIU-El Centro Campus and I am pursuing a major in Accounting. I am a mentee with the GUIAS mentoring program.   Jaime Jimenez, Executive Secretary My name is Jaime Jimenez and I'm a freshman at NEIU’s El Centro Campus. I am pursuing an Elementary Education degree with a specialty in math. My career in the future is to keep studying and start educating others in a few years. I'm also part of the GUIAS mentoring program. The mentoring program has impacted me greatly. I have become more confident during my time participating and it has helped me in many areas in my life.  ...

President’s Pen For URO

April 17, 2012

  Celia Fenollar Rubio by Lluvia CarrisozaUndocumented Resilient and Organized (URO) is a new club at NEIU. Visions for this club began in the Fall 2011 semester, where a group of students concerned about the immigrant struggle met to talk about their concerns and dreams. The group of students went ahead and started a club under the leadership of Jose Herrera. URO is an organization of undocumented and fellow students who can relate, commit and contribute to the five points that unite us: Building a community of support among undocumented students at NEIU. Creating awareness about issues affecting undocumented students and students of mixed-status families. This includes educating administration, faculty, staff and students but also ourselves. Mentoring undocumented high school students as they transition to higher education. Building bridges among other student organizations on and off campus. Expanding financial resources available to undocumented students through: fundraisers, new scholarships, and other incentives. URO is not just for undocumented students, but for anyone that can relate to the undocumented struggle. URO decided against having officer names such as president, vice president etc. instead URO has Organizers, Coordinators, Financial Officers and Facilitators. José G. Herrera is an undocumented and returning student majoring in sociology. He is a co-founder and organizer of the newly formed club organization “Undocumented Resilient & Organized (URO).” José is a single father who is challenging the system that questions his legality in the U.S and uses his life experiences as a tool for education, mobilization and to empower others; he hopes to do the same with the education of academia. His priority is to build a structure that would allow him to continue to work as a person who is committed, who wants to stand up and challenge oppressive structures. “I have come to an understanding that education is empowering – in order to understand what is going on and why, in order to be heard, we need to educate ourselves, and this allows us to challenge injustices and fight to make change,” said José G. Herrera. Outside of campus, José continues his work of activism as an organizer with the immigrant rights movement and other social justice organizations. Currently he is doing a research project on “bridging the mass detention, incarceration and deportation of immigrants with the prison industrial complex.” Joselyn Galvez is a co-founder and coordinator of the Undocumented Resilient and Organized (URO) Club. She is a senior majoring in mathematics and secondary education. Joselyn came to the United States in 2001 from her native country, Honduras. Joselyn experienced first-hand the struggles that non-English speakers face in school. Her goal as a high school educator is to teach mathematics to students who are learning English as a second language. She wants to develop an environment that would help foreign students adapt to their new country, feel welcomed at school and facilitate their transition in and out of the bilingual program. Joselyn Galvez believes that by providing fundamental assistance to bilingual students, they will be able to overcome the language barrier so that they can not only survive but also succeed in school. Lluvia Carrisoza has been undocumented for twelve years. She lived in fear for most of that time. She grew tired of her fear and now she is a co-founder and organizer for the newly formed group Undocumented Resilient & Organized (URO). She is a senior pursuing a Spanish and Art double Major. Lluvia is not much of an activist, but charged with the need to help her community she joined this group in hopes of providing a better college experience for her fellow undocumented students. Although her heart is set in attending La Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) for her MFA she wants to leave this country knowing she has helped lessen the immigrant struggle By Janean Watkins...

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