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inner child by Dave_B_ is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Little A and I: Patterns That are Hurting Your Inner Child

Anusha Manahil, Writer March 15, 2021

If I were to ask the 7-year-old Anusha of what she thinks of the 20-year-old Anusha, she would most certainly look me crazy in the eye and say, “I am not allowed to talk to strangers.” That’s...

 The vaccination process started phase 1b in Chicago on January 25. Phase 1c for people between 16-65 with underlying medical conditions is set to start on March 22. (Erwin Lopez Rada/The Independent)

Arts & Life: Dread and Hope at Daley College: A chronicle on belonging to the 2% of humanity that got the COVID19 vaccine

Erwin Lopez Rada, Sports Editor March 9, 2021

A Chicago Police Department squad car welcomed me as I pulled into the 75 S Pulaski Road gate of the venerable Richard J. Daley College. The parking lot of the school was packed with vehicles. It was...

Black Paradigm

Black Paradigm

Joseph Harris, Production Editor February 9, 2021

Paradigm shifts are the central part of cultural progression. There is a deeper significance in Black American culture that hasn’t been tapped into yet. Every shift uncovers a new layer of that meaning....

Rental Insecurity Strikes Fear In Chicagoans

Rental Insecurity Strikes Fear In Chicagoans

Angie Ybarra, Writer January 26, 2021

Washing your hands while singing happy birthday, wearing a face mask, and practicing social distancing is the new norm. Covid-19 has changed our lives. The classes of 2020 can attest to that, there has...

Mental Health Check In Time

Angie Ybarra, Writer January 26, 2021

We made it a whole six days into the new year before the proverbial you know what hit the fan. The reality is that we can try and make light of these situations, a pandemic, an insurrection, holidays and...

J.Stone/Imazins/Getty Images/ImaZinS RF

A House Divided

Angie Ybarra, Writer January 26, 2021

Do you have a person in your family that you are very close to?  I happen to have a few siblings but there is one I am especially close to.  We have shared everything, secrets, hugs, tears, and laughter; ...

Manga by Jon Delorey is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Manga Review: “Goodnight Punpun”

Jack Poskus, Campus Life Editor January 12, 2021

In the world of Japanese comic books, also known as manga, it’s become evident that, because of its followers and their everlasting support, the artform continues to gain popularity. While most mangas...

Cup of Sugar: What Does Fair-trade Look Like in the Coffee Industry

Ryland Pietras, Managing Editor December 22, 2020

In the inaugural edition of Cup of Sugar, Chris Petrovich, the green coffee buyer and roasting manager at Metropolis Coffee, shed some light on the origins of fair-trade in the coffee industry and the...



Joseph Harris, Production Editor December 22, 2020

THE WZRD by Joseph Harris

COVID-19 By Gerd Altmann


Nozanin Farrukhzoda, Writer December 22, 2020

The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus- 2 (SARS-CoV-2) was first identified in patients who either traveled to Wuhan, or the Wuhan seafood market.  The pandemic caused great grief in Wuhan...

Top 10 Songs That Best Describe 2020 NEIU

Jae Kim, Writer December 22, 2020

1. "Don't Come Around Here No More" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker NEIU Administration   2. "Thank U, Next" by Ariana Grande         NEIU Faculty at...

Image by  Pixabay

The Top Five Positive Things in 2020.

Jae Kim, Writer December 22, 2020

Most of the readers will agree that the year 2020 has been a double deuce of a year. As the readers of the Independent reflect on all the painful things that happened in the year, they might find some...

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