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Holla! For Lollapalooza

Jon-Paul Kreatsoulas, Staff Writer

April 27, 2012

  After much speculation and anticipation, the lineup for Lollapalooza 2012, which will be held at Grant Park in Chicago, IL., from Aug. 3-5, from morning until night, has been announced, and is eclectic enough to please even the most particular of music aficionados. It’s been a hectic year for the music business as...

Lonely Boys Meet in the City – Black Keys Concert Review

Jon-Paul Kreatsoula, Contributing Writer

April 17, 2012

  It was around 7:46pm on Mon- day, March 19, when Arctic Mon- keys lead singer Alex Turner used both hands to slick back the sides of his James Dean hair cut and articulated how good it felt to be playing in “Chi-town” – emphasis on the “Chi” with a full blooded English accent. Tunes were blazed through,...

Indie Play List

March 5, 2012

  Janean L. Watkins – Editor in chief 1. Cupid - Amy Winehouse 2. Don't Stop - Ang13 3. Uknowhowwedu - Bahamadia 4. The Boy From Ipanema - Ella Fitzgerald   Lakeesha Harris - Senior Staff Writer 1. Golden - Jill Scott 2. Simply Beautiful - Al Green 3. No Mirrors in My Nana's House -...

A Night Of Jazz

Lluvia Carrisoza, Visual Media Editor

February 26, 2012

  The NEIU community was offered a night of Jazz On Thursday, Feb. 16th, featuring NEIU Jazz combos with Mayo Tiana on the Trombone and Tuesday's Children. The event jumped off with NEIU's Jazz combos. The Jazz combos, just like the name suggests, are different combinations of different artists that play together. The...

The Revivalists bring back that old time Rock ‘n’ Roll

Jacob Jones, Staff Writer

February 21, 2011

Rating: 4.5 Vinyl records out of 5   For many Americans, there tends to be a yearning for that nostalgic, down-home southern rock sound—not the sound that you'll find yourself hearing in a grocery store ten years later, but that sentimental, true-to-its-roots southern authenticity that doesn't try to please everyone...

Album Review: THE JEZABELS “Dark Storm” EP

Dulce Arroyo, Arts & Life Editor

January 25, 2011

True to its name, "Dark Storm" by The Jezabels is an album that—although it has only 5 tracks—encompasses deep, poetic lyrics and a mysterious mood in each song. The Australian indie/pop-folk band (composed of Hayley Mary on vocals, Nik Kaloper on drums, Samuel Lockwood on guitars, and Heather Shannon on keys) does an outstanding job of turning the pain of life into honest, heartbreakingly human music. The EP opens with "Dark Storm," a hauntingly sexy track that begins with a guitar solo and the odd combination of colorful words "Bright white cockatoo / baby how I ponder your shadow." The rhythm flows even better as soon as the drums kick in, though the story of lost love unfolds as Hayley softly sings "No one told me the end of the line / could be only emptiness," and ends it with "oh pristine / my hopeless thing." While "Mace Spray" opens with a thrilling tempo that could be heard on a movie soundtrack, it has straightforward lyrics in the chorus of "She keeps mace spray / for you can't rely on the common man." These words are emphasized significantly as the drums cease, and only Hayley's voice blends with a single electric guitar each time she says them. "Sahara Mahala" (which translates to "the greatest desert slum") talks about missing someone so much that thinking about him or her becomes an illusion—an oasis in the vast and empty desert of loneliness. But the repetition of the words "Sahara mahala" is particularly catchy, since the words are rich in the ‘a' sound that is easy to sing. "A Little Piece" includes Hayley's high-pitched voice throughout the chorus, as she tells the object of her affection that all she needs is "a little piece of cherry pie." I got the feeling that the track is about an argument between them, since she sings "letting those feelings loose / she was becoming a monster." But the question "Don't you miss me like I miss you?" might mean that it escalated to their break up, something universally pondered by those reminiscing about past relationships. The fifth and final track "She's So Hard" has an especially mellow and introspective feeling with lyrics like "And maybe you're just to good for me / or maybe you're just no use to me," shows that sometimes, we don't want to fully admit if a relationship ended solely because of the other person, or if we played a part in its demise. The Jezabels come highly recommended for fans of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Hayley's voice is reminiscent of Karen O), The Kills, Tegan and Sara, and Metric. The band will be coming to Chicago in March for their performance at Scuba's Tavern—check them out if you get the chance....

Review: ‘Continuum’ , John Mayer

Amy Scoma, Writer

October 10, 2006

"I'll make the most of all the sadness," a lyric from "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room," is exactly what John Mayer has done with Continuum. With this album, Mayer has taken his musical prowess to new heights. Continuum mixes the soft, sultry beats found in an Atlanta jazz club with the familiarity of the voice that brought us...

Review: The Last Kiss

Amanda Dalal, Staff writer

October 10, 2006

After winning a Grammy for his immensely popular soundtrack for Garden State, Zach Braff has done it again with The Last Kiss. Both albums give the listener a feeling of intimacy and a deeper understanding of Braff, as no doubt he's put together this group of music from his personal library. Shining the spotlight on lesser-known,...

Surprise doesn’t strike the right chord

Duncan Macnab, Writer

October 10, 2006

Paul Simon received a lot of criticism for separating with long-time partner Art Garfunkel moving to a rock sound. Many people said folk to rock couldn't work, but he did some very good work. However, it seems Simon has gone too far in the experimenting with sound in his latest album Surprise. When bands or musicians last...

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