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Review: The Quiet

Dino Pollard, Sta

September 29, 2006

Some films are perfect for mass audiences. They're feel-good, they make you laugh, and once the lights come back on, you can leave the theater without a negative thought in your head. But then there are other films that are far more disturbing and leave the audience with a feeling of unease. The Quiet...

Film festival to feature Ferrell and friends

Matthew Winer, Staff writer

September 26, 2006

A new movie starring Will Ferrell will mark the beginning of over two weeks of films from the United States and around the world as the Chicago International Film Festival opens for the 42nd year. Opening night will be held at the historic Chicago Theater with a screening of the new film, Stranger Then...

Living it up in Logan Square

Jo Cook, Staff writer

September 26, 2006

Still looking for an affordable apartment for the new school year? Has the convenience of your current neighborhood been affected by the Brown Line renovation? While many Northeastern students prefer to stay in the area that surrounds the main campus, bargain seekers dependent upon public transportation...

Clowning Around

Cashmere Patterson, Staff Writer

September 26, 2006

While the small audience in the Chicago Cultural Ceter whispered among themselves, the lights dimmed as a man balancing himself on what appeared to be a beach ball, while simultaneously juggling three balls, entered the room. Child-like music blared from two large speakers as Paul Miller (a.k.a. Pauly...

Helen of…Egypt?

Angelica Garcia, Staff Writer

September 26, 2006

The age-old Greek myth of Helen of Troy has been reinvented once again in Ellen McLaughlin's play Helen, now playing at the Next Theater Company. The general understanding of her story is that Zeus, Helen's father, impregnates Leda, the Queen of Sparta and wife to King Tyndareus. There are different...

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