Molly’s Cupcakes and Cookies and Brownies and More!

Photo by Christos Liardakis

By Christos Liardakis – Opinions Editor

Students and Boystown residents will be greatly pleased when they visit Molly’s Cupcakes at 2536 N. Clark Street. Although they are best known for their cupcakes, they are more than just a one trick pony, Molly’s serves cookies, pies, cheesecakes, homemade ice cream and other sweets to satiate that sweet tooth. With a homey décor and a warm friendly atmosphere, one can’t help but smile at the first sign on the door that reads, “Lost children get an espresso and a free puppy.” A corner filled with board games allows anyone visiting Molly’s to get some sweets and just hang out while playing Taboo or Trouble.
During a visit, the staff served a ginger molasses cookie that was literally bigger than the dessert plate it was served on. This seems to be a theme with all their sweets: big, sweet and tasty. With a variety of flavors such as the peach cobbler cupcake (with real peach cobbler inside) and the birthday-cake cupcake full of cake batter, there are so many choices. Apart from cookies and cupcakes, Molly’s Cupcakes also serves phenomenal homemade ice cream along with brownies, pies and cheesecake.
Most cupcakes made with a different filling, each individual cupcake has a unique richness within every flavor, from the Cookie Monster Cupcake filled with cookie dough with vanilla frosting and yellow cake, to the Ron Benington, a chocolate cake and frosting cupcake with crumbled butterfingers sprinkling the top with a peanut butter filling. Customers also have the option to create their own cupcake, which includes options such as vegan chocolate, vanilla cake, and your choice of frosting.
Despite its child-friendly atmosphere, the bakery itself is kept in immaculate condition. All the plates and cutlery were spotless and the staff was phenomenal. The vibrant décor goes great with the delicious cupcakes. This is a must visit for anyone with a sweet tooth, or just looking to try something new. If that’s not enough, they have a variety of winter and summer cupcakes that are released according to the season. During the winter they feature their pumpkin spice, cranberry orange, and mint chocolate center fillings, while in summertime Molly’s Cupcakes serves strawberry shortcake, lemon meringue, and rainbow sherbet fillings. The prices are a bit high, starting at $3.25 for the cheapest cupcake, but well worth it considering one or two cupcakes with a glass of milk can easily make up a full meal for anyone. Molly’s Cupcakes also donates cupcakes to school functions and fundraisers by student, teacher, or principal requests.